Bay View Bed & Breakfast  ·  P.O. Box 448  ·  Mackinac Island, MI 49757  ·  906.847.3295
Feature article from Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine, April 2002 "Room with a View"

The sunny yellow mansion, best known for its double-gabled roofline, gingerbread porches and other classic Victorian cottage touches, has been in Doug’s family since the early 1900s, when wealthy Midwestern industrialists were flocking to the island for the renowned healing nature of its air. Most of the original cottagers built on the high bluffs, but the Armour family opted for the shoreline and built what would eventually become Bay View. As it turned out they never moved in, instead selling the home to Matthew Bailey, the founder of Bailey’s Drug Store—and Doug Yoder’s great-grandfather. Matthew Bailey passed the home down to his daughter Sarah, Doug’s grandmother. She turned it into a tourist home in 1937, renting rooms for $1 or so a week. Doug’s mother took over the business in the early 1970s, and was assisted one summer by a young southern college student named Lydia—the woman Doug would eventually marry.

When Doug bought Bay View in 1990, he began the daunting task of turning a boarding house with one shared bath into an upscale inn of 20 rooms, each with a private bath and some with kitchens, private balconies and Jacuzzis. In 1993, Lydia left her job as a surgical nurse and college instructor to join Doug in renovating and running the inn. For Lydia, a long-time interior design hobby became a full-time passion, and she skillfully coordinated colorful Victorian prints and plaids of cranberry, yellow and green. She also lent her southern hospitality and nursingperfected bedside manner to the business.

Today, the inn is a classic harbor landmark and one of the most visible architectural jewels to visitors pulling in by ferry.

The welcoming white gate is just a short walk from the docks. And once guests walk down a front path lined with butterfly bushes and cheerful gerbera daisies, they find the perfect hybrid of country inn and bed and breakfast. The roomy porches are the perfect place for easy conversation with other guests, but there’s also room for privacy. Guests sit at their own private tables for breakfast in a sunny conservatory and are sure to find a private spot for watching horses and people along the street or gazing out at the harbor.

Upstairs, on a roomy third-floor deck facing the water, guests discover one of the island’s most spectacular views—one of the favored spots for viewing the northern lights, and a rare vantage point for observing a nearby lighthouse and many of the island’s bluff mansions as well.


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